Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract from Switzerland is a plant that grows at a high altitude of 3200 meters. The leaves of this variety are evergreen. Its leaves are acclimatized to withstand extreme cold, drought and UV rays. Therefore, the distinguishing feature of alpine rose stem cell extract is its resistance to harsh and rapidly changing environmental conditions.

It is high in essential substances such as Dehydrin, a protein that aids in water retention, and Metabolites (the ability is to maintain the activity of epidermal stem cells to protect from the environment


–To maintain the youthfulness of the skin for a longer time and give the skin a healthy look.

– To retain water to the skin, moist and not dry.

– To protect the skin from the damage of UV rays.

– To strengthen the skin to be strong and resistant to various harsh environmental conditions.

The survival of stem cells was tested by cultured epidermal cells.

1) Apply 0.15% rose stem cells into the cells.

2) Proceed with UVA- UVB rays, both found that the cell division of skin cells (CFE) increased by 75% and can survive after being damaged by UV rays.

Skin cells are still dividing well. ↑ Skin is stronger and more radiant. ↑ wrinkles gradually fade

Within 16 days of using 0.4 percent alpine rose stem cell extract, crow’s feet and wrinkles were visibly decreased, and the skin around the affected area appeared healthier.