Silanol, the major ingredient that bonds the skin structure + Sodium Hyaluronate Low Molecular Weight (150-600kDa), a small molecule hyaluronic acid that can enter deeper into the skin than larger hyaluronic acid molecules. It is well-known for its anti-aging, epidermis renewal, and collagen-boosting properties. Wrinkles will be shallow; both deep and shallow wrinkles will exist. From the inside out, the skin appears smoother and firmer. It has the ability to normalize the process of collagen creation in the skin, as well as minimize irritation caused by pollution, making the skin firmer, more elastic, and capable of retaining moisture. 

Facial skin will appear younger and smoother. Wrinkles are decreased, and the skin is more elastic, supple, and vibrant.

** Epidermosil in 5% cream was tested on volunteers aged 35-59 years which revealed that it visibly reduced deep wrinkles within 1 month.